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Qilin (drypoint etching by Yaemi Shigyo)

Drypoint etching, 100×150, May 2021

Series: Chinese divine beasts

The Qilin (in Japan, Kirin) is a mythical animal (auspicious beast) in Chinese mythology. It’s said to be a divine mythical creature that lives for a thousand years. Its usual character is very calm and gentle, so it doesn’t like destroying things, and is even afraid to step on bugs and plants around its feet. It’s very well known as a beer company’s trademark in Japan. There are many stories about its appearance. I adopted one of them for my work, such as a body shaped like a deer, a face like a dragon, an ox’s tail, the hoofs of a horse, and a scaly body.

Available as a postcard!

Fenghuang (Hō-ō)

Dragon (front view)

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