News and features from Nishigawa Kobo

We had termites!

For us, like everyone else, 2020 has been a very challenging year, and we feel a bit sheepish to lay claim to woes of our own. But last month we added another entry to our list of troubles. We discovered we had termites.

We made yokai series postcards!

Everyone is having a hard time with coronavirus, and I wondered if there was anything we could do. Now we thought it would be nice to have a series of postcards we could offer using drypoint etchings as a base.


When we reviewed the history of our website, we noticed that ‘yellow stuff from my nose’ was one of the most popular Google search terms for people accessing our blog. Lots of people seem to look for information about sinusitis! We decided to bring this content back because it might be helpful, or reassuring, or just entertaining.

Why Nishigawa Kobo?

Some people might have noticed that we gave the name ‘Nishigawa Kobo’ to our (Chris Ryal and Yaemi Shigyo) project. We guess this is not a stylish sounding name, but people sometimes ask us why we are called Nishigawa Kobo. Of course, sadly, many people don’t care about our name at all…

Fujica 35-ML

This page about the Fujica 35-ML camera was originally posted in 2003 and updated in 2009. It has proven to be one of our most popular pages, probably thanks to people searching for information on this lovely old camera. We brought this page back in September 2018 in the hope that someone might find it useful.