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When we reviewed the history of our website, we noticed that ‘yellow stuff from my nose’ was one of the most popular Google search terms for people accessing our blog. Lots of people seem to look for information about sinusitis! We decided to bring this content back because it might be helpful, or reassuring, or just entertaining.

Yellow stuff from my nose – sinusitis!

YS, 10 April 2009

I have had a cold for a few days.

On Wednesday, the 8th, I went to an eye clinic for my usual vision and eye pressure check, and also because I had eye mucous in my right eye. The doctor said I might have caught pink-eye. I told her I get sore eyes first whenever I catch a cold. She replied that I might have nose trouble if my eyes are really sore.

On Thursday, the 9th, I went to the dental clinic I’ve been going to for a long time. The nurse asked me if there was anything different with me. I replied that I had a toothache in my upper back tooth on the right side, so they took an x-ray of it. The dentist suspected my toothache was caused by a nasal cavity inflammation.

Actually, a vivid yellow liquid that looks like a vitamin drink has been coming from my nose sometimes since the 8th. ‘Is is because of my nose!?’ I wondered. I did a Net search and found there is a high possibility I have acute sinusitis!

On Friday, the 10th, I went to a nose clinic near our house. I had a nose x-ray, got my nose washed, and had some kind of nasal spray. (I saw its name but forgot it.) I have to take antibiotics three times a day, after meals. I have to go there for a nose wash every day. In two weeks, I have to have another x-ray.

He is not sure if it’s acute or chronic, but anyway it’s sinusitis. My face (actually my head) has become rickety. How sad. My clinic commuting will continue.

One of my sisters happened to call me and said going to clinics would get to be a habit. How sad.

Sinusitis, and after

YS, 21 April 2009

The first thing I have to do is to recover from sinusitis. So I go to a local nose clinic every day.

Every time I wash my nose with a saline solution. I always wonder how many times I should flush the water through my nose. (The nurse said it is up to me.) After a few times experience, I found the water stays in my nose and gushes out all at once later on, so I tried to remove as much of it as possible before taking airborne medication through my nostrils.

Then I have a question. I thought the water would come out from the lower side when I incline my head, but it comes out from the opposite side. Why?

After I come back home, the water suddenly gushes out when I’ve forgotten about it (after a few hours).

Now I can’t see any dirt during my nose cleaning and the water that flows out also looks clean. I don’t have a stuffed nose and there aren’t any subjective symptoms, but I heard it might come back and become chronic if I stopped the treatment in the middle. So I take medication every day and go to the nose clinic every day.

Sinusitis, and after, and the next day

YS, 22 April 2009

Today, too, I went to the nose clinic. I told the doctor I hadn’t had any subjective symptoms, and he suggested I have a nose x-ray again.

As the film was developing, I cleaned my nose as usual.

The doctor looked over the x-rays and said they were black as they should be. ‘You got better,’ he said. ‘You don’t need to come every day and you don’t need to take any medication.’ (If there is a white cloudy part in the x-ray, it’s pus or an inflamed part.)

It’s the twelfth day from when I visited the clinic for the first time. I was told I’d recovered quickly! Aah, it was acute, not chronic. I guess it was because of the cold I caught when we had a flower viewing party in the chilly weather. (I think I caught it from an infection when I had a cold.)

But I was told by a nurse that I must visit the doctor as soon as possible if I feel nose trouble again. Have I developed a constitution that’s prone to sinusitis!?

My treatment wrapped up with two antibiotic inhalations. Well, can I finally drink this weekend?

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